fairy tail more like 'who has the worst father'

jude: *treats lucy like shit after layla's death*
lucy: *runs away*
jude: fine then let me hire people to bring you back and beat up your friends and destroy your little guild!!!1! btw after that you have to get married and give birth to a son
gildarts: *doesn't know he has a daughter*
cana: it's you! you're my father
gildarts: wtf wAIT A SECOND HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!? whose kid are you
silver: *pretends that he's deliora and that he wants to kill gray*
gray: i know it's you dad why are you doing this
ivan: haha laxus you're so weak let me implant a lacrima within you
laxus: thank―
ivan: so i can use it for myself later hahHAHA
jiemma: why are you so weak
minerva: forgive me please
jiemma: are you pleading for mercy?!! you stupid daughter, take off your clothes and go home you weakling
igneel: *disappears without a trace*
natsu: *searches for him all his life*
igneel: son i was inside you this whole time


how are u gonna sit there and say that juvia harasses gray like o h my god yeah she’s obsessive and it’s pretty creepy but she’s not a fucking idiot she knows what boundaries are and she knows to respect them

please count the times juvia has been overly affectionate/fangirlish directly towards gray since he told her no after the grand magic games (hint: the answer is zero) pl ease reevaluate urself 


F A I R Y   T A I L   T E A M   B  +  P O K E M O N   [Team A]
FT sprites credit: ripped by (x) (x) and made by me
Pokémon sprites from (x)

SO! Remember that in the 2nd volume of the FT Magazine, there were Natsu and Happy, who were featured in Volume 1, stickers in it? And in the 3rd volume there’s Lucy and Plue, who were featured in Volume 2, stickers! AND APPARENTLY THERE’S GONNA BE GRAY AND JUVIA STICKERS IN THE 4TH VOLUME AND YOU GET WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY, RIGHT?! Does that MEAN THAT GRAY AND JUVIA WILL BE FEATURED TOGETHER IN VOLUME 3?!! (Which is kinda sad because I wanted Juvia to have her own magazine but welp)




To be honest, I don’t even wanna imagine how Juvia feels right now.
She just got the information that Gray’s father was “alive” and that he’s basically a Zombie now. Then she had to make on of the toughest decisions in her life. She killed a demon and also a “person” and she doesn’t know that…

Is there any reason for Juvia out of all people to be showing up at that panel? I mean, as far as we know, she has nothing to do with the dragons and barely interacts with Natsu. Is there any sinister meaning behind that? I hope so.

Juvia is E.N.D.! Just kidding.

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